Mywoodwall Brand Story

Born from a cultural cooperation between three families, Mywoodwall is made up of a diverse group of global citizens from Europe, Indonesia and America. With over 27 years of manufacturing heritage, our production facilities produce wooden products for today’s environmentally-conscious consumers. Sustainably sourced from family-owned plantations on the island of Java in Indonesia, Mywoodwall values our planet.

Mywoodwall constantly strives for excellence in manufacturing, both through the work of our skilled craftsmen and by utilizing the latest machine technologies. Our accomplished team works on innovative concepts that can follow either modern trends or timeless designs. An easy-to-install, real wood wall paneling system, our products have been created for everyday people to “Bring Nature into Your Life”. Transform any room from ordinary to extraordinary with a feature wall option that goes beyond paint and wallpaper. Each piece of Mywoodwall has been uniquely finished and artisan hand-crafted to perfection. Simply prep the wall, lay it out, and “Peel and Press”.

Brand Statement:
Nearly three decades of innovation and perseverance has set the stage for Mywoodwall’s mission to Design, Engineer, and Deliver Hand Crafted, artisan-finished materials that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. “Bring nature into your life”.

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